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Ceramic Fiber Round Rope

Ceramic Fiber Round Rope is round braided by ceramic fiber yarns, reinforcement by glassfiber and steel wire. Excellent substitute for asbestos rope. Is it used as heat insulating materials.



Code Diameter mm Reinforcement Working Temperature
NINGTEX CF-102R 5 ~ 60 Fiberglass 650°C
NINGTEX CF-102RI 5 ~ 60 Steel wire 1260°C

Insulation for furnace door, valve, flange sealing, rolling shutters of furnace door, high temperature static seal, fire protection, expansion joint, pipe or round duct insulation lagging, glass furnace truck stone seal, asbestos substitute, fireproof cable covering and fuel pipe materials.

10kgs/roll, in plastic woven bag of 10kgs net each,
In carton of 20kgs net each.

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Ceramic Fiber Round Rope