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Glass Fiber Tape

NINGTEX insulation glass fiber tape including fiberglass tape, glass fiber tape coated with silicone rubber, glass fiber ladder tape, glass fiber mesh tape, glass fiber tadpole tape, glass fiber with aluminium, etc. It has excellent substitute for asbestos tape, reinforcement with copper wire, nickel wire, metal wire are also available.


.Braided with the E/C Glass Fiber; 
2.Had good insulation and heat resistance; 
3.Extensively apply to building, waterproof, antiseptic and wrapping up the coil of electrical machinery and electrical apparatus. 
4.It is an excellent substitute for asbestos tape. 
5.It can be with self-adhesive on one side;
6.Thickness: 0.8mm~5.0mm, width:20mm~300mm

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Glass Fiber Tape