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Glassfiber Lagging Rope

Glassfiber lagging rope outside over braided glassfiber mesh, inside filled with ceramic fiber blanket. There are two style of mesh, open mesh and close mesh. Same as NINGTEX CF102-L ceramic fiber lagging rope. Excellent substitute for asbestos rope.



Code Diameter mm Outside mesh Working temperature
NINGTEX GF2026-O 5 ~ 50 Open 650
NINGTEX GF2026-C 5 ~ 50 Close 650

Sealing coke furnace, stove and boiler, valve or pump, exchanger, kiln car.
Insulation in burner, chimney door. Electrical insulation.

10kgs/roll, 20kgs/roll.
Or on requirements.

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Glassfiber Lagging Rope