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Glassfiber Tadpole Tape

Glass Fiber Tadpole Tape is braided by texturized fiberglass, it is effective sealing and insulating on light metal flanges and limited bolt pressure or uneven mating surface flanges. The glass fiber tadpole tape formed by folding specially designed, one side within metal reinforcement in globule, or within fiberglass rope, ceramic rope also on valid. Graphited on request.



Temperature: 550oC;
Thickness: 1.6mm to 5.0mm;
Width: 20mm to 200mm;
Bulb diameter: 10mm to 30mm;


25m/roll, 30m/roll. Other on requirement.
Plastic woven bag, in carton box, 20kgs per each box.

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Glassfiber Tadpole Tape